Best 20+ LED Grow Lights – Buyer’s Review And Guide 2019

What is The Best for Indoor Developing LED Grow Light?

The best LED develop light is the one that fulfills a few necessities special to you, including the span of your develop space and the quantity of plants you’re developing.

These and other effectively responded to questions will enable you to locate the best LED develop light for your circumstance.

Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing a develop tent or open space? Another factor is your plants’ Daily Light Integral (DLI) necessity. Most natural product and vegetable bearing plants, including cannabis, require at least 20 moles of light for every day, and a limit of 40 moles for each day. That implies you’ll require a develop light putting consistent 460-925 umol of light on your shade for the whole sunshine cycle.

The 15 best LED develop lights audited beneath, and our site in general, will assist you with finding the best full range LED develop lights accessible available from different surely understood producers.

Notwithstanding your develop space setup, individual spending plan, or different variables, we’ve investigated LED develop lights all things considered and powers. You ought to have the option to discover one that works for you.

2019 Supreme LED Grow Lights – Complete Buyer’s Guide Reviews

Before I get to the itemized audits underneath here, I set up together an examination table for your benefit:

 Coverage AreaPower DrawView Price
Veg: 3'x3’
Bloom: 2.5'x2.5'
269±3%Check Price
Advanced Platinum P900
Veg: 6'x4'
Bloom: 5'x3'
Veg: 279W
Bloom: 557W
Check Price
California Full Spectrum 400w
Veg: 6’x6’
Bloom: 3’x3’
Max: 400wCheck Price
Veg: 4.5'x4.5'
Bloom: 3.5'x3.5'
Max: 524WCheck Price
Veg: 6-10 sq.ft
Bloom: 4-6 sq.ft
~100WCheck Price
MARS HYDRO Plants 720W
Max: 2'x4'Max: 298WCheck Price
BESTVA DC Series 2000W
Max: 7.8'x7.5'Max: 390WCheck Price
Apollo Horticulture GL140X5LED 700W
Max: 4’X4’Max: 360WCheck Price
MEIZHI Reflector 450W
Max: 2’x3.5’195±10%Check Price
King Plus 1000w
Max: 3.4’X3.8’Max: 185WCheck Price
Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000W
Veg: 3’X3’
Bloom: 2’X2’
132±5%Check Price
G8LED 900w
Veg: 6'x4'
Bloom: 6'x4'
Max: 540wCheck Price
Hydroponics Greenhouse (MarsII 900W)
Veg: 4'x4'
Bloom: 4'x4
Max: 420WCheck Price
Spectrum Medicinal 1000W
Max: 2.5' X 2.8'Max: 130WCheck Price

Presently, here’s a brisk survey of Top 15+ Best LED Grow Lights available.

Complete Review Details of LED Grow Lights:

Thus, presently opportunity arrives to audit our chose first class full range LED develop lights accessible available.

G8LED 900W MEGA LED Veg/Flower Grow Light – Award Winning Grow Light:

This G8 LED 900 watt develop light was granted on various occasions with a High Times Magazine grant for its momentous presentation and commitments towards the hydroponic and indoor developing network.

G8LED Mega 900W LED develop light performs well with the assistance of 8 groups full range light yield to your plants. It accompanies bright and infrared too.

Additionally, it might win 2019 with its presentation and capacities also.

Winning High Times Magazine’s “Reserve Award 2014”, “Best LED Light of the Year 2016” and “Best New LED Grow Light Of 2017” isn’t simple. Isn’t that so?

The G8 is a brand known for quality and execution. Additionally, accomplishments by this producer justify itself with real evidence.

The force of this light can undoubtedly supplant your out-dated HPS or MH arrangement of 1400W.

We know this HPS equality is just a horrible digit recorded by the producer yet there’s as yet a section of individuals trusting that it makes a difference with regards to develop lights. Thus, we talk about it a bit.

This is conceivable after the diligent work of 8 years of research by the maker G8LED.

Rather than discussing it for the most part, we should see every one of the G8 LED 900 watt develop light’s highlights top to bottom.

G8LED uses quality US made LED chips on its board, and after get together, it’s tried in the US also. So you’re not going to get a shabby LED Grow Light by some low quality producer.

Specifications of G8LED 900W MEGA LED Veg/Flower Grow Light

Here is list of features available in the G8LED 900W.

Bloom Booster for Big Yield

G8LED does not give twofold mode exchanging like different producers. In any case, they’ve planned their item thusly purposefully with the goal that it don’t remain underutilized by keeping couple of LEDs of amid vegetation.

The maker proposes to include additional Bloom Booster LED Grow Light of 90W which are produced by G8LED themselves and planned explicitly for sprouting of weed plants.

Amid vegetation, this develop board will spread a greater amount of blue light which will empower your plants to show signs of improvement wellbeing and develop well. Besides, amid blossoming, you may switch on both sprout supporters and help your weed plants produce the best nature of buds for you.

With everything taken into account, this develop board will perform sufficient amid the whole life cycle of your weed plants, and henceforth it’s known as a standout amongst the Best LED develop lights for cannabis plants, giving most astounding yield at gather time.

Red range gives progressively productive and extraordinary light to your plants which is commonly required amid blooming. This helps make blossoms progressively solid, resinous and increasingly generous in weight.

Lasts Longer Quality

G8LED 900w full range LED Grow Light is made with the most astounding quality materials for external body. Then again, its internal compartment outfitted with excellent epistar or bridgelux LED chips which are made in th USA.

2 Years Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

G8LED develop lights accompany the all-inclusive help of 2 years if there should arise an occurrence of a breakdown, which will happen once in a while. You realize you won’t have to record a case for it just by seeing its manufacture and power pack execution capacities.

8 Years Research and Testing Result

This develop light board from G8LED is performing inside a significant number of existing cultivators develop space since last eight years.

During these 8 years they’ve overhauled this item to an extraordinary dimension. Today what you’ll be buying is a finished artful culmination worked after different emphases in a long multi year venture.

Cool And Quiet Operation

Here comes the well being of your plants which is the main thing you ought to consider before making your decision.The G8LED 900 watt variation accompanies various cooling fans, and propelled aluminum heat sinks keep the earth inside your develop tent as cool as would be prudent.

Great Spectral Output

G8LEDs are made to perform extraordinary and to give the most ideal range yield to your cannabis plants. This LED Grow light is worked to give you a total full range yield with the assistance of the 8 most proficient groups for any green plant.

Apart from these basic 8 groups, The G8 900w uber LED develop light likewise conveys UV and IR range to your plants which guarantees better development and wellbeing of your plants.

Wavelength proportion by G8LED 900W develop panel will be adjusted for both the periods of your vegetation’s cycle.

Less Power Draw

At the point when the G8LED 900W model is performing getting it done, it just uses 540W of electricity.

Yeah, it can supplant a 1200W to 1400W MH framework from the light force purpose of view.

This develop light is adaptable being used and can be worked with the assistance of 110V-240V information. In case you’re requesting the G8 900 watt, a standout amongst the best LED develop lights from amazon, at that point contingent on your transportation area they’ll give your capacity line to your develop board.

Unbeatable Coverage Area

With the assistance of strikingly extraordinary splendor and the top notch US made LED chips this develop light by G8LED 900W LED Grow Light can spread a territory of 6′ x 4′ amid any of the period of your plants with ease.

It won’t decrease inclusion space amid blooming due to its capacity to deliver progressively serious light amid flowering.With this much inclusion, you can rapidly grow 8-10 cannabis plants inside your develop tent.With this enormous normal inclusion region, the G8 900 watt develop light merits high acknowledgment without a doubt.

G8LED Light 900W – Grow Panel At A Glance

Look at its Best Features

   G8LED 900W – Overview on it's Features
Model :-G8-900
Spectral Ability :-8 Band Complete Full Spectrum with UV & IR
Manufacturer :-G8LED
HPS Equivalent :-1000W-1200W
Achievements :-“Stash Award 2014” – High Times“Best LED Light 2016” – High Times Magazine“Best New LED Light 2017” – High Times Magazine
Heat Dissipation :-Marvellous Cooling With Fans and Heat Sink.
Lifespan :-8-10 Years
Waltage Of LEDs :-3W
No Of LEDs :-300
PAR Value :-1540 uMol @ 16”
Dimensions :-21” x 14” x 3”
Focal Point Of LEDs :-90 Degree
Avg Power Draw (Max.) :-540W
Avg Coverage (Veg.) :-18” : 6’ x 4’
Weight :-22lbs
Avg Coverage (Flw.) :-18” : 6’ x 4’
Voltage Range :-AC110V – 240V

Click here to see reviews and prices for the G8LED 900W on Amazon.com

Pros And Cons Of G8LED 900W

Here, look at the G8 900w benefits and drawbacks in details.


  • Unbeatable Spectral Ability With UV & IR
  • Highest in the segment Yield Per Watt Of Electricity
  • Larger Lifespan
  • Bloom Booster Mode Switching For Higher Intensity
  • Durable product
  • Great Coverage For All Phases
  • Higher Yield / Watt Of Electricity
  • High Quality Build
  • Efficient Power Draw
  • Quiet Operation
  • Stellar Customer Support With 2 Years Warranty

  • No switching drivers.
  • A bit larger in size.
  • An included timer could have been an added advantage.

Existing User’s Advice

In the event that we consider the sentiment of current cultivators using G8LED 900W inside their develop space, at that point they're suggesting it dependent on the way that it's an esteem item. The producer has marked this item with an exact sticker price for the highlights it offers.

No doubt, 10 out of 10 individuals are suggesting this item if spending plan isn't an issue, and if a purchaser needs to contribute their cash as opposed to spending it on a develop light.

Our Advice

You may bring it home if the monetary allowance does not tie you. There are other develop lights accessible as shoddy alternatives yet we prescribe to purchase G8LED 900W considering its capacity to give higher yield per watt of power.

It's an extreme cash saver in the more extended run and will cut your expense on your power bill. Presently, it's up to you whether you need to go with it or not.

California Light Works SolarXtreme 120Volt Lightworks – Grow Light That Knocks Others Out

It won’t not be right on the off chance that we state “Striking plan, relentless execution” is the depiction of California lightworks SolarXtreme 400w COB LED develop light.

This 400 watt COB LED variation in the solarstorm arrangement by California lightworks performs remarkably inside numerous cultivators’ develop tents.

Strong form with fantastic material empowers it to give the basic advantages concerning light to your plants and in regards to life expectancy. The light is made in California, USA as the name infers.

This develop light is outfitted with 8 x 50w COB LED chips. COB LEDs are a progressively present day LED structure that puts more LEDs on less number of chips, bringing about more splendid yield and lower vitality use. COB LED develop lights can contend with typical LED develop lights of higher yield.

SolarXtreme 400W COB LED Grow Light conveys an entire 12 range light band.

Its metallic body with aluminum sheet metal material makes it increasingly sturdy.

The point of convergence of its optical glass will be 90 degrees which will convey direct light over the shade and maintain a strategic distance from misuse of light.

It’ll likewise assist you with saving expense on the power bill.

To be precise this SolarXtreme 400W COB LED light uses a low 240w from your outlet because of effective COB LED innovation.

With this low power draw, it can even now supplant a 600W MH or HPS light framework easily.

With this, you’ll see all the more enormous blooms got under the impact of this develop light contrasted with other shoddy LED boards.

The SolarXtreme 400w COB LED develop light accompanies two enormous cooling fans on the highest point of the light. While huge, the California LightWorks reports they’re extremely peaceful, likely more tranquil than different fans or gear in your develop space.

The California Lightworks SolarXtreme 400W COB LED Grow Light works in a danger free way with the assistance of logical structure and numerous cooling fans.

Every one of these highlights come to you at a reasonable rate alongside three years consumer loyalty responsibility from California Lightworks.

SolarXtreme 400W COB LED Grow Light – An Overview Of Specifications