Ninja OP401 Foodi Multi-Cooker

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Being efficient in the kitchen often means having everything at your disposal before you start to cook. But this can also mean having a single cooking appliance that can do the job of several appliances. This is what Ninja promises to deliver. With its Foodi Deluxe All-in-One Multi-Cooker, you can steam, pressure-cook, air fry, tenderize, dehydrate, and many more.

The secret is in the Foodi Deluxe’s unique TenderCrisper technology. It’s an ingenious solution that locks in the juices of food while utilizing the principles of pressure cooking in delivering fast yet delicious meals. The same technology guarantees a finish that is so crispy you will mesmerize your guests at the dining table.

The Foodi Deluxe functions a lot more than an ordinary pressure cooker. It can cut down your cooking time by as much as 70%, allowing you to serve fantastic meals in a flash. While it does everything very fast, it never strips your food of its valuable nutrients and delicious goodness.

This Ninja creation also serves as an air fryer, allowing you to enjoy your fried foods without the guilt. That means you get to relish the delicious taste of fried delicacies with 75% less fat. It’s a new and healthy way to enjoy fried foods.

Of course, the real magic is in the TenderCrisper. The system allows you to put frozen foods straight in the 8-quart cooking pot, defrost and cook them to perfection. With the high-pressure and crisper technology of the Foodi Deluxe, you can have a meal from the freezer to the table in 20 minutes.

The Ninja Foodi Deluxe is a remarkable cooking appliance that unifies the function of different kitchen appliances. It is a versatile kitchen gadget that can turn any home cook into a professional chef. That is what we call kitchen efficiency.