PancakeBot 2.0

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The PancakeBot 2.0 is a device that can turn your ordinary pancakes into fun and artistic masterpieces. It integrates two contemporary technologies to turn pancake-making into a fun and engaging activity.

The first technology embedded into the PancakeBot is additive manufacturing technology. Everyone knows this as 3D printing. When used on the PancakeBot, it allows you to make fascinating designs out of your pancakes. It does not matter what kind of object you want your pancake to shape into. Create an Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a rhinoceros, or your favorite cartoon character.

The additive manufacturing technology integrated into the PancakeBot is revolutionary that making pancakes is now so much fun. One can create his own design, save it on a microSD card, and load it up on the PancakeBot’s computer. It cannot get any easier than this. A computer keeps track of the design and controls the movement of the printer arm. The system already comes with an integrated batter dispenser for more precise pouring of the mixture.

The second technology has something to do with the process of cooking the pancake itself. Unlike conventional stovetop griddles, this kitchen gadget comes with temperature controls. It allows you to make very fine adjustments to the temperature of the griddle. This way, one can always guarantee perfectly-cooked pancakes every time, all the time.

The griddle itself comes with a premium-quality nonstick finish. There is no need to spray oil on the surface. The pancake batter will never stick to the surface. Moreover, flipping the cake is super easy because of the nonstick surface. Cleaning is so much easier, too.

The PancakeBot 2.0 is a great kitchen device to brighten up your children’s mornings. Give them more reason to enjoy their pancakes each day with this ultra-modern and intuitive kitchen contraption.