SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer

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Some recipes call for the constant stirring of the ingredients during cooking. Stews, porridge, sauces, risottos, and soups are some of the dishes that require continuous stirring. If you’re busy with something else, there’s a chance that your food will get burned. But if you have the SAKI Auto Stirrer on your pot, you can leave your food unattended and still have a perfectly-cooked dish afterward.

The Auto Stirrer is a simple yet innovative device that you can mount onto any pot or pan. It features an adjustment mechanism so you can use it on any type and size of cookware. This gives the SAKI versatility that you seldom see in other auto-stirrers.

However, do keep in mind the range of pot or pan sizes that the SAKI can accommodate. The mouth of the pan should be at least 6 inches in diameter, but not more than 10.2 inches. It is also important to take note of the depth or height of the pan. You can mount the SAKI onto a pan that is at least 4 inches deep, but not deeper than 8 inches.

SAKI comes with dual stirring arms to ensure better consistency in the foods that you’re cooking. These stirrers are also safe to be in contact with food. They don’t contain BPA or any other chemical that can leach into your dish. What you get is the full flavors and nutrient content of your meals.

The Auto Stirrer also features dual speed technology. Since the height is adjustable, you can be sure that it will not scrape the bottom of your pan. This helps preserve the integrity of your cookware.

The SAKI Auto Stirrer operates on rechargeable batteries that run for a full 4 hours. It is a handy kitchen gadget for those meals that will otherwise cause arm fatigue.