The World Atlas Of Coffee



The coffee-loving world is about to get a taste of history as world class barista and coffee lover James Hoffman takes you on a journey of discovery through the different flavors, aromas, and ways of brewing one of the planet’s most favorite drinks. The World Atlas of Coffee doesn’t only take you on an amazing coffee adventure; it also opens your eyes and sharpens your mind to the beautiful art of coffee production and brewing.

Hoffman strongly believes in the presence of a story behind each coffee bean. Different regions of the world will have their own take on what they can consider the best bean for a cup of brew. Even countries will have certain districts where coffee is a lot better than those found elsewhere. These are just some of the things that the Atlas will show you.

Everyone knows how coffee is made. However, not everyone knows the many intricate micro-processes that go into each bag of coffee beans that eventually end up in one’s coffee machine or even the machine that baristas use.

Just like wine, the real essence of coffee can be found in the unique characteristics of the land where the coffee beans are grown. These unique essences can then be further enhanced by the way the beans are harvested and the process of roasting that is indigenous to the land. The water that is used in the brewing process also matters. These are explored by Hoffman, giving avid coffee-drinkers a rare glimpse of the inside world of coffee making.

From Zambia to Bolivia, the World Atlas of Coffee remains true to the essence of this particular piece of literature. The only difference is that it focuses more on anything and everything coffee so one gets a worldwide view of this venerable drink. It includes never-before-heard knowledge and practices observed only by the masters and passed down only to their trusted apprentices in the hope of carrying on the tradition.

The World Atlas of Coffee is the perfect companion to any cup of freshly brewed coffee. It’s the perfect gift for one whose world revolves around the drink.